Jim Thorpe Patient Education

Since 1985, INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation has been one of America’s largest and most respected rehabilitation facilities for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation needs. Located on the campus of INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center, the free-standing, three-story facility also extends its inpatient rehabilitation services to two floors at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center. Outpatient facilities are located throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

Amputee Program

Provides comprehensive treatment for individuals with limb loss. We offer amputee support services and community reentry, and work closely with local prosthetic companies to meet the individual needs of our patients. 

Spinal Injury Program

Offers an integrated treatment program for patients with traumatic/nontraumatic spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome and other inflammatory conditions. 

Stroke Program

Provided early by our rehabilitation professionals to stimulate the recovery of physical, cognitive and speech deficits to help regain maximum function. 

Brain Injury Program

An important aspect of our brain injury program is in patient and family education along with one on one therapy to re-learn, adapt, recover and compensate to help an individual regain the most independent level of functioning possible. 

Orthopedic Program

Includes therapists who are specially trained in treating orthopedic conditions including but not limited to joint replacements, fractures and multi-trauma. 

Adaptive Community Resources

Provides an extensive web based resource file for a variety of disabilities. These resources include general disability information, disability rights, fundraising and grant opportunities, transportation and travel, and local, state, and national programs. 

Pediatric Program

A continuum of care for the pediatric population from the NICU to the PICU, Acute Care to outpatient services. 

Transplant Program

Created due to the increase in the number of heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants performed and the need for patients receiving these transplants to regain more independence in a quicker time frame.