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Important Zika Update for All Oklahomans

By now you're undoubtedly aware of the Zika crisis. But what does it mean for Oklahomans? You might be wondering:

  • Are Zika-carrying mosquitoes found in Oklahoma?
  • How many Oklahomans have had Zika?
  • What's the difference between locally acquired and travel-associated transmission?
  • Should pregnant women in Oklahoma worry about Zika?
  • What about women in Oklahoma who are trying to become pregnant?
  • How often does the Zika virus lead to microcephaly in infected pregnant women?
  • If Zika is transmitted sexually, what does that really mean?
  • Is Zika transmitted by saliva? The air?
  • What should I do if I think I have Zika?

Dr. David E. Hogan, who has been practicing emergency medicine in Oklahoma since 1992, answers these questions and more in this new video.

What Oklahomans Need to Know About the Zika Virus


Dr. David Hogon on Zika

Dr. Hogan explains everything you need to know about the Zika virus.

If you would like additional updates on how the Zika virus is impacting Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has helpful information. For more information about mosquito prevention, read our recent article: Controlling Mosquitoes at Home.

David E. Hogan, D.O., M.P.H., FACEP, has been practicing emergency medicine in Oklahoma since 1992, and has been with INTEGRIS Health since 2000.

He is currently a core faculty member in the Emergency Medicine residency program at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center. He is director of the Teamhealth National Academic Consortium of 12 emergency medicine residency programs and director of education for Teamhealth West Group. Hogan’s articles have been published during the last 30 years in the areas of disaster medicine, EMS, public health, and medical education and research. He has served as a consultant for agencies such as the CDC, White House and capitol medical staffs, the FBI and the nation of Israel, in medical counterterrorism activities.