INTEGRIS Health Connect

INTEGRIS Health Connect

INTEGRIS Health is excited to offer INTEGRIS Health Connect, the Epic product for community providers. INTEGRIS Health Connect is a program to efficiently and affordably link providers, patients, and facilities. INTEGRIS Health has completed a multi-year implementation of Epic, a complete electronic medical record and healthcare management system, in all INTEGRIS Health hospitals and clinics in Oklahoma. Through this major effort we have achieved a highly integrated system of care to transform health care in the communities we serve. Connect is the vehicle to extend this transformation.

One Patient.

Through Connect providers gain access to over 2 million individual patients across Oklahoma. No longer do patients have multiple accounts across multiple systems, all data is integrated for every patient.

One Record.

As our patients access care from providers and facilities using Epic and Connect, these shared patients will virtually carry their records with them.

One Community.

Accessing this single record for each communal patient saves valuable time in the private office while also providing a community aligned patient record.

We have selected Epic Systems Corporation, one of the most highly regarded EMR systems in the health care industry today, as our partner in this initiative.

We value our health care partners and need your support to provide an integrated experience of care for our patients. As a result, we are offering INTEGRIS Health Connect to affiliated independent physicians and community hospitals for the purpose of improving clinical outcomes, the quality and experience of patient care, and communication among providers across care settings.

INTEGRIS Health Connect enhances coordination of care among physicians throughout our region and improves access to essential patient information for every provider joining the platform.

INTEGRIS Health Connect is proud to announce that 100% of MIPS Eligible Clinicians on INTEGRIS Health Connect successfully attested for MIPS in 2017. Congratulations!

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