About INTEGRIS Health Connect

What is INTEGRIS Health Connect?

INTEGRIS Health Connect is a complete electronic medical record and practice management system for physician practices, including registration, scheduling and billing functions. Through offering this affordable electronic medical record solution to other providers in our community, INTEGRIS Health hopes to connect patients across the entire system of care through a community EMR platform. We believe this will be a key factor in achieving more comprehensive and highly coordinated care for every person we serve and every provider we work with each day.

Who operates INTEGRIS Health Connect?

INTEGRIS Health Connect is an EMR platform operated by a dedicated team within the INTEGRIS Health Information Services Technology department located in Oklahoma City. INTEGRIS Health has implemented Epic across Oklahoma in an effort to develop highly integrated systems of care to transform health care in the communities we serve.

What facilities/physicians are currently on INTEGRIS Health Connect?

Since its start in September of 2016, INTEGRIS Health Connect has continued to expand and now serves dozens of medical practices and facilities in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.

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One Patient. One Record. One Community.

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