INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital

Our Leadership

The INTEGRIS Miami Hospital Governing Board of Directors is comprised of local business and civic leaders. The volunteer members work closely with the hospital’s administrative and medical staffs to oversee the operations of the hospital including patient care, finances and strategic planning.

INTEGRIS Miami Hospital Governing Board

  • David Frazier
  • Caleb Goldner
  • Ben Hampton
  • Pat Jurgensmeyer, Chair
  • Grant Kernan
  • Suzanne Knott
  • Justin Mitchell, D.O.
  • Charles Neal
  • Joe Neill
  • Lynn Pagels, Vice Chair
  • Jamie Perryman
  • James D. Rutter, M.D.
  • Kyle Schauf, M.D.
  • Sue Sly, Secretary
  • Christianna Wright