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INTEGRIS Health @ Home: We Bring the Hospital to YOU

INTEGRIS Health @ Home is a brand-new service that brings the level of care, equipment, services and medical experts of a hospital to you right in your home. It’s no secret that most of us would rather be cared for in the comfort of our own homes. Many illnesses and injuries make a hospital stay necessary, but now, under certain situations, hospital-level care can come to you. Think of it as a virtual hospital.

You’ll have access to an entire team of medical experts and caregivers without leaving home. They’ll come to you, virtually and in-person. Your care will be 24/7/365. 

Wait. What? That sounds great!

It IS great. And it’s win-win-win. In other parts of the country, the virtual hospital model of care leads to better patient satisfaction, because care is delivered to the patient where they prefer to be – home.  Hospitals benefit, too. Patients can be cared for in their homes, freeing up hospital beds during public health emergencies such as surges in the pandemic.

Programs like INTEGRIS Health @ Home have been in development for years but have recently ramped up in the past year when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expanded its strategy to enhance hospital capacity during COVID-19 surges. As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services writes on its website: This program was developed to support models of at-home hospital care throughout the country that have seen prior success in several leading hospital institutions and networks, and reported in academic journals, including a major study funded by a Healthcare Innovation Award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).  

INTEGRIS Health @ Home team

This innovative service is one more way INTEGRIS is leading the charge in convenient, excellent, comfortable patient care. We’re initially launching INTEGRIS Health @ Home with two INTEGRIS facilities: INTEGRIS Baptist and INTEGRIS Southwest. Soon to follow will be INTEGRIS Edmond Hospital and INTEGRIS Canadian Valley. Patients within a 30-mile radius of these facilities are eligible to utilize INTEGRIS Health @ Home.

Your INTEGRIS Health @ Home team’s goal is to provide high-quality, hospital level care, including lab tests, mobile imaging like x-rays and ultrasounds and IV therapies, along with medical equipment like shower chairs, grab bars, oxygen and hospital beds. Many insurance plans are accepted and there are no additional costs beyond regular outpatient co-payments, co-insurances and deductibles.

INTEGRIS Health @ Home will work closely with your physician to keep your care plan uninterrupted. Care teams are assembled based on your needs and can include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and physical or occupational therapists.

How it works

You’ll be cared for by a team designed for your needs. If you choose to participate in the INTEGRIS Health @ Home program, our care team will spring into action, beginning the process to admit you into the program and working with your primary care physician or emergency room team to streamline the process.

We’ll bring the technology to you. While in the program, you’ll be given use of a computer tablet for video visits with your nurses and physicians, a telephone that connects directly to your care team, a personal emergency response bracelet, vital signs monitoring devices and a backup power supply.

While receiving care, you’ll rest. Just as though you were in the hospital, we’ll ask that you stay home and rest during your time of care. Of course, your individual diagnosis and circumstances will be taken into consideration by your care team, and together you’ll decide if it’s okay for you to leave your home during your care.

When you are well enough to be discharged, our care team will collaborate with your physician to make your care plan seamless. INTEGRIS Health @ Home technology (computer tablet, telephone, vital sign monitoring equipment and backup power supply) will be removed from your home. Should you decide for any reason that you would rather not continue with INTEGRIS Health @ Home care, you can ask to be discharged. Our physicians will help you transition to a safe care alternative.  

INTEGRIS Health @ Home caregiver

In a nutshell:

  • Patients are screened and admitted based on certain criteria
  • Goals and plans of care are established
  • You’ll have 24/7 access to your care team who will respond to your needs via video and telephone.
  • Any tests, treatments or equipment you’ll need are ordered. Lab tests, mobile imaging like x-rays and ultrasound and IV therapies are performed in your home.
  • Your vital signs will be monitored using a telehealth platform
  • Daily (or more) virtual/video visits
  • You’ll receive in-home, in-person visits from a nurse practitioner and/or other health care professionals
  • A complete report of your care is sent to your primary care physician.

Patient eligibility criteria to choose INTEGRIS Health @ Home care includes:

  • Having a qualifying diagnosis
  • Meeting criteria for inpatient, hospital level care
  • Meeting social stability criteria
  • Meet Clinical Stability Criteria

Patients may NOT be eligible/appropriate to utilize the INTEGRIS Health @ Home service if:

  • Unable to push the personal emergency response system (PERS)/lifeline emergency button and there is no responsible person available 24/7 to push for them
  • The patient has been previously informed that they require 24/7 care or long-term care/nursing home
  • In hospice care
  • On dialysis
  • There is Substance abuse
  • Environment is unsafe/socially unstable
  • Unable to sign consent or no HCP available to sign consent
  • Unwilling to participate
  • Unwilling to agree to multiple providers coming into the home

About the Medical Command Center, housed at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center:

  • It’s designed to allow for high acuity (very vigilant) care at home, enabled by the latest software and technology.
  • Care is provided 24/7/365.
  • It’s staffed by INTEGRIS Health hospitalists (doctors who specialize in hospital care), advanced practice providers (APPs) like physician assistants (PAs) or nurse practitioners (NPs) and registered nurses (RNs).
  • It’s connected to a wide array of INTEGRIS Health and contracted caregivers with a variety of expertise who are dispatched to your home.
  • The patient experience is seamless.


Learn more about INTEGRIS Health @ Home. Let us bring the hospital to you.


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