Jim Thorpe Staff Resources

In our constant vision for our employees to continually learn and grow, INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation (IJTR) offers a variety of resources and programs to assist our staff to become leaders in the field of rehabilitation.  To learn about our various programs just click on the program name below.

Continuing Education Assistance

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation (IJTR) provides financial support for continuing education offerings not offered by our department. Priority will be given to educational opportunities that will enhance the clinical programs and services in one’s clinical area. The education event applied for should be relative to the vision and mission of INTEGRIS for patient care, strategically within one’s field of expertise and should be related to services needed or already in place in one’s department/unit.

Career Excellence Development

The concept of the Career Excellence Development (CED) program is to recognize and reward those who strive to better themselves beyond the normal job standards and expectations.  It promotes career development toward excellence in practice. 

Certified Rehabilitation Nurse Program

Rehabilitation nurses help individuals affected by chronic illness or physical disability to adapt to their disabilities, achieve their greatest potential, and work toward productive, independent lives. They take a holistic approach to meeting patients’ medical, vocational, educational, environmental, and spiritual needs. INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital encourages all RN staff to become a CRRN. When registered nurses become CRRN, it documents their level of knowledge in the specialized area of rehabilitation. Being certified shows a commitment to continued learning in the field of rehabilitation. Eligible staff must be registered nurses with a current unrestricted license and have rehabilitation experience from one to two years depending on other qualifications.

Patient Education and Community Resources

Educating patients on how to manage their medical condition is very important.  This link provides clinician resources with information to educate patients and a families on their specific diagnoses as well a directory of community resources to assist patients and families after they leave the hospital environment.