The Bidirectional Nature of Depression, Anxiety, and Pain

Course Description:

This course provides rehabilitation professionals with an overview of the symptoms of anxiety and depression and the relationship of pain with anxiety and depression. The goal of this course is to help therapists identify these symptoms in their patients, their triggers, and ways to help minimize the impact of symptoms on patients' participation in rehabilitation activities.

Course Outcomes:

By attending this course, participants will:

1. Develop an understanding of the prevalence of mental health issues.
2. Develop an understanding of symptoms of depression.
3. Develop an understanding of symptoms of anxiety.
4. Develop an understanding of the bidirectional nature with pain.
5. Develop an understanding of the tips of what to look for.
6. Develop an understanding of the services Decisions provides

Speaker Bios:

Lesa Van Horn, LCSW, ACSW is the Director of Clinical Services at Decisions Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Programs. Lesa moved from Kansas to Oklahoma City in May 2018 to begin work at INTEGRIS. Lesa worked as a Clinical Social Worker at Larned State Hospital, Larned, Kansas, as a unit social worker for 7 years. She became the Dodge City (Kansas) Regional Director at Area Mental Health Center (now Compass Behavioral Health) for the Community Support Services program for Adults diagnosed with a Severe Persistent Mental Illness. In this capacity she directed the program, conducted marital, family, group, individual therapies and psychoeducation. After 10 years, she was asked to return to Larned State Hospital to build and manage a Residential Rehabilitation Program on the State Security Program for Department of Corrections inmates diagnosed with a mental illness. The program prepared the residents to transition from prison to society through understanding their symptoms and learning to manage their symptoms. While at Larned State Hospital Lesa also conducted group and individual psychotherapy and worked on both male and female adult units for patients ordered to complete a competency to stand trial evaluation. 

Charvee Nash is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.  She received her B.S. in Psychology and her M.S. in Community Counseling, both at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Over the years she has enjoyed working with diverse populations such as kids/families involved with DHS, college students on a college campus and individuals on federal probation. She joined the Integris team almost 5 years ago and is currently the adolescent therapist at Integris Decisions and as well as a clinician on the Integris Mobile Assessment Team. 

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