Network Benefits

Network Benefits

Benefits to the Physician

  • Demonstrate clinical quality to current and future patients
  • Participate in the decision of clinical initiatives for evaluation
  • Enhance revenue through better management of chronic patients
  • Benefit through the use of available network infrastructure
  • Engage in group contracting

Benefits to the Hospital

  • Demonstrate clinical quality to current and future patients
  • Enlist physician support for hospital initiatives including compliance with “core measures,” clinical pathways, standardized order sets, and supply chain management initiatives
  • Develop a better, more collaborative relationship with their medical staff
  • Improve performance on hospital pay-for-performance measures
  • Position themselves at an advantage in the market on the basis of quality

Benefits to the Patient

  • Better value for their health care dollar
  • More effective care management and outreach from a trusted source, their physician
  • More reliable information to support their choice of health plans, physicians and hospitals
  • More accurate and meaningful provider ratings
  • Greater stability in their relationship with their doctor and hospital and less likelihood that they will need to choose new health care providers every year

Benefits to the Employer

  • Ability to more effectively manage the health care costs of employees and their dependents through the purchase of better, more efficient health care services
  • Increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism, through the better management of chronic disease
  • Lower health care costs in the long term, through the reduction of variation in physician practice patterns
  • More reliable information to support conversion to consumer-driven health insurance products

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