Caregiver Wellness

 Mission Statement 

INTEGRIS Health knows the importance of partnering with people to live healthier lives. When you focus on your entire wellbeing, you reach your true potential. That is why we are bringing you programs that will reward you for your healthy lifestyle choices. 



Upcoming Events and Health Observances for June 2024

Welcome to Safety Awareness Month, a time dedicated to promoting awareness and resources surrounding the importance of safety in all aspects of our lives. Throughout this month, we will emphasize the importance of creating a safe environment, whether at work, home, or in our Oklahoma communities. By raising awareness and sharing best practices, we aim to empower each INTEGRIS Health caregiver to facilitate a safe and just culture.  Join us in embracing this culture of safety for June and beyond!  

 Click here for more June 2024 Health and Wellness National Observances


Wellness Program Privacy

Your participation in the Wellness Program is completely voluntary. You have the option to stop participating in the Wellness Program at any time. Any personal medical information that you share in connection with the Wellness Program will be protected and confidential and may not be used for employment purposes.

Employee Wellness Contact Information: