Residency Curriculum

What makes the Diagnostic Radiology residency program unique:

  • Extensive exposure and opportunity in Interventional Radiology with one on one resident/faculty experience
  • Extensive Cross-Sectional Imaging experience in the inpatient and outpatient settings with deep exposure to Oncologic Imaging, and active participation in Multi-specialty conference including radiology and pathology.
  • 1:1 staff to resident ratio allows for close interaction and teaching
  • Our residents attend the American Institute of Radiologic Pathology as well as 2 review conferences in their 3rd year.
  • Off-site Pediatric Radiology Rotations broaden our resident’s horizons and expose them to different practice styles.

The Diagnostic Radiology residency program offers the following curriculum:

  • Flouroscopy
  • All cross-sectional imaging
    • CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Image guided biopsy
  • Out-patient rotation at Radiology Associates
    • MRI, Nuclear Medicine, CT and Ultrasound
  • Interventional Radiology
    • General Body and Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Oncologic Imaging including PET/CT with rotations at INTEGIRS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma (ICIO)
  • Pediatric Radiology with rotations at OU Children’s Hospital and UT Southwestern Children’s Hospitals

Committed to education:

Residents are treated well, with an emphasis on learning, not grinding out the maximum number of studies.

  1. Nine scheduled conferences per week, including case conferences and didactic lectures. Lecture time is protected for residents (12-1pm and 4-5pm)
  2. Paid conferences for all residents.
  3. AIRP course and lodging is paid.
  4. Participation in in-house radiology pathology conferences and tumor board conferences.
  5. Monthly journal club conference.

There is extensive MRI experience for residents, in which the resident gets one-on-one teaching with fellowship-trained staff in MSK, Neuro and Body imaging. Five to six months are allotted per resident, with the fist month occurring before call begins.

Residents get 2 months of biopsy experience in the first year (CT and Ultrasound guided).

Well-established transplant service at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center provides experience with liver and kidney transplant imaging. Transplant conferences occur once a month.

We have a filmless department with the exception of mammography that evaluates a portion of screeners utilizing film. Our PACS system has been in place since 2003 and continues to be upgraded. It is completely integrated with voice recognition software.

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