Medical Student Rotations

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology Medical Student Rotation

This four-week elective is designed to familiarize the student with how radiographic imaging and therapy play an integral role in patient diagnosis and management. In modern medicine, radiology plays a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. During this rotation you will learn the strengths and limitations of different imaging modalities and studies, learn to relate abnormal radiologic findings to pathophysiology which should lead to a more efficient use of imaging in work-up of your patients.

What you put into this rotation will determine what you get out of it. You can be a passive observer and still learn, but we intend for you to be engaged including a required Medical Student Radiologic Case Study to be presented to the residents and course director near the end of your rotation.

During your rotation, you will spend two weeks in the reading room shadowing one of our residents as they work through plain film and cross-sectional evaluations with staff guidance, one week on the flouro and image guided biopsy service and one week shadowing the interventional service including body and neuro interventional cases. During these weeks, you will identify an interesting case to present in power-point form as described above. You may also be quizzed on basic interpretation of critical findings on plain film and cross-sectional imaging.

We are a group of residents and radiologists who enjoy what we do and want to share our world with you. We encourage questions and input.

Clinton Williamson, M.D.
Program Director
Diagnostic Radiology Residency

For more information download the Medical Student Rotation in Diagnostic Radiology PDF.

Natasha Fanson

Medical Education Specialist
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program
[email protected]