7 East


7 East is a 34-bed unit made up of a combination of IMC (intermediate care), Med Surg and our on-service liver transplant and hepatobiliary patients.

7 East Liver Transplant

Welcome to 7 East. 7 East is a 34-bed unit made up of a combination of IMC (intermediate care), Med Surg and our on-service liver transplant and hepatobiliary patients. 

7 East at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center 

Our patient population is generally high acuity and fast paced. Usually consists of abdominal surgery patients and our special on-service hepatobiliary patients with an emphasis in end-stage liver disease.

7 East at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical CenterOur surgical admissions include liver transplants, dual organ liver/kidney transplants, liver resections, Roux-en-Y, Whipple, exploratory or laparoscopic cholecystectomies/appendectomies, MRCP, ERCP, and bowel resections.

We also take care of pts with tracheostomies, chest tubes, JPs, biliary tubes, and several drips. We are a broad-spectrum floor with extraordinary learning opportunities in a family-based unit.    

Full time consists of three 12-hour shifts. The shifts are usually a little closer to 12.5 to allow time for bedside report which starts at 0700 and 1900. 

  • Day 0700-1930
  • Night 1900-0730

Four-week schedule sign-up for and requests with two weekend shift requirements. (four days total).

We’d love for you to shadow our unit to get an idea of our patient population, ask questions and see if our team would be a good fit. We do ask that you please wear your scrubs when shadowing.

We orient new nurses by providing 12 weeks of orientation with a dedicated preceptor and close collaboration with our unit nursing educator and clinical staff leaders. Our staff members are successful because they have a high commitment to quality care, ongoing educational opportunities, the development of advanced critical thinking skills, and continuous support from their colleagues and their leadership team. 

Unit Dashboard

7E Frequent Medical Conditions

  • Pre and post care for liver transplant
  • Cirrhosis and care for patients with end-stage liver disease
  • Roux-en-Y
  • Post op Whipple recovery
  • GI Bleed

7E Frequent Developmental Skills Opportunities

Clinical Growth
  • NGT (nasogastric tubes)
  • FMS / enemas
  • Foley’s
  • Drain care (JP, biliary, and G/J tubes)

Leadership and Educational Growth

  • Unit Based Council
  • ACE 
  • National Certification
  • Relief lead and preceptor
  • Liver and Dual Organ Transplants, Liver Resections, Whipple, Roux-ex-Y, Bowel Resections
Number of Beds: 34
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