Meet the current and past fellows of INTEGRIS Health's Administrative Fellowship program.

Current and Past Fellows


Current Fellow

Gabby DemcoGabriella Demco

Raised in Austin, Texas, Gabby completed her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion at the University of Georgia. While there she worked with public health efforts in rural communities within Georgia and with global health efforts aimed at eliminating leprosy throughout the world. She is set to graduate with her Master's of Health Administration from Texas A&M University in May 2023 and is currently President of their student chapter of the Association of Future Healthcare Leaders. Through her practicum experience at Houston Methodist this past summer, she developed an interest in strategy, business development, and working to better health systems as a whole. She is looking forward to this fellowship experience to garner a deeper understanding of all parts of INTEGRIS Health and contribute to helping deliver healthcare across Oklahoma. In her free time, Gabby enjoys following college football, reading, and spending time with her family.

Past Fellows

Year of Fellowship 

Current Position at INTEGRIS Health

Dennis Njororai
2023 INTEGRIS Health Baptist, Operations Fellow
Samuel C. Smith 2022 ---
Claire Sykes Alexander 2021 ---
Tom Cassidy 2020 Director of Government and Community Relations
Carolyn Young 2019 Director of Business Development
Dylan Darden 2018 Continuous Improvement Consultant  
Ben Schlegel 2017 ---
Rebecca Phillips       2016 ---
Kurt DeVaney 2015 Chief Hospital Executive, INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center
Stephen Grigar 2014 Director, Imaging
Evan Galt


John Adams 2012  ---
Matthew Frye 2011  ---
Bennett Geister 2010  ---
Jon Rule 2009 Chief Hospital Executive, INTEGRIS Health Edmond
Tyler Wilson 2009  ---
Briton Stoll 2008 Director, Neurology and Orthopedics
Holly Small
2008  ---
Fraser Hay
2007  ---
Finny Mathew
2006  ---
Victor Flores 2006  ---
Ian Cooper                             2005  ---


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