9 West


Our unit cares for patients recovering from cardiac catheterization and other cardiac-related procedures.

9 West Cardiac Care

Welcome to the INTEGRIS 9 West Cardiac Care Suites! We are a small, 16-bed unit located in Oklahoma’s largest heart hospital.

9 West at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center

If you are looking for an outstanding unit that primarily serves cardiac patients in a fast-paced environment, this unit is for you. Our INTEGRIS Heart Hospital professionals have a rich and long-standing history of providing comprehensive cardiac services to Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Our staff nurses are well-experienced and proficient in their practice, and their quality of care has been rated top among their peers.

Our unit cares for patients recovering from cardiac catheterization and other cardiac-related procedures. We strive to provide access to compassionate, trusted, first-rate nursing skills to those needing care. It is during this vulnerable time in our patients lives that we utilize the unique combination of skill, passion, and opportunity to serve the patient rather than just treating the illness.

Our team is not only dedicated to the well-being of the patient, but also the continued growth and competency of our staff. Our orientation process is robust and thorough. By partnering new staff with seasoned nurses, those new to the unit will not only have the skills necessary to care for these patients, but also build the confidence necessary for future success. Our orientation further encourages ongoing communication between the nursing staff, that is critical to providing excellent care, and minimizing risk to you and the patient.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding field of nursing practice, we invite you to 9 West. We are a dynamic and diverse group of nursing professionals that are looking to not only strive to be the most trusted partner in cardiac-related health, but also want to see you succeed and further your nursing skills at INTEGRIS Health. 

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Patient Population

  • Interventional Cardiology Patients
  • Post Heart Cath Lab Patients
  • Post Heart Attack Patients
  • Stents
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction (MI)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Cardiac catherization and procedure recovery, Post Heart Attack, Stents, Acute Myocardial Infections and Heart Failure
Number of Beds: 16
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