Adult Oncology/Medical-Surgical Unit (9 East)


We typically take care of acute critical adult clients who may be receiving treatment for pre/post-transplant (lung, kidney, pancreas, and/or liver).

Adult Oncology/Medical-Surgical Unit (9 East)

INTEGRIS Health's Adult Oncology/Medical-Surgical unit is 9 East. This is a team-oriented, energetic unit dedicated to educating and growing the individual nurse by developing sharp critical-thinking skills using evidence-based practices.

9-East at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center

We treat adult patients with a wide variety of medical conditions, and this multidisciplinary environment provides endless opportunities for the growth of knowledge and skills.   

Our unit also cares for patients with oncologic and hematologic illnesses. We serve as an overflow unit for gynecologic surgeries and serve the general surgery population as well.    

The nurses and support staff of 9 East are compassionate and empathetic, and our entire staff is invested in the whole team's success. Our nurses are strong patient advocates and strive to give the highest quality of care, constantly adapting to this fast-paced area of hospital care that is Medical-Surgical nursing.

We welcome new nurse graduates into our positive, competent learning environment, and we are always pleased to add experienced professionals to the floor. Additionally, after one year of service, we offer the opportunity to become educated in the administration of chemotherapy and gain experience in the Oncology/Hematology field.

We welcome you to join our team here on 9 East.  

Quotes from current employees: 

"9 East is a safe place for new nurses to learn."

"The managers and leads are happy to help out on any issues, big or small. They lead by example and care about growth of the staff."

"The team atmosphere here is very open and friendly, willing to teach and educate each other."

"I like Oncology nursing for the chance to be present with patients in their most vulnerable moments and be a part of their wellness journey."

"You are never alone on this unit. There is always someone willing to help out". 

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  • Oncologic and Hematologic Illnesses, Gynecologic and general Surgeries
  • Chemo Administration and Therapy
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