We also perform non-emergency treatments, including procedures to destroy cancer tumors, open narrow or blocked arteries, and treat painful uterine fibroids.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology (IR) refers to minimally invasive, image-guided procedures.

Interventional Radiology at INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center

We use real-time imaging techniques, including X-rays and ultrasound, to guide the proceduralist in performing quicker and safer alternatives to many types of traditional surgery. This results in better outcomes for patients and shorter stays in the hospital. Our procedures include:

  • Removing blood clots that cause stroke.
  • Draining potentially deadly infections from organs.
  • Stopping severe bleeding. 

We aren’t always working with acute patients, though! We also perform non-emergency treatments, including procedures to destroy cancer tumors, open narrow or blocked arteries, and treat painful uterine fibroids.  

The nurses in IR are generally ICU, ED, or otherwise critical care-trained professionals. However, enthusiastic and bright RNs with excellent critical thinking skills are always considered for the team. Our nursing staff ensures patient safety by assessing and preparing the patient for their procedure. We are then responsible for administering the sedation and monitoring the patient throughout the length of the procedure. Our staff will also carry out the post-procedure recovery until the patient can be transferred or discharged.

We care for, on average, 400-500 adult and pediatric patients a month who have a variety of diseases and medical problems. Our patients tend to be unique because they are high-acuity patients, and many have been turned down by surgery or other IR providers. We cover all INTEGRIS Health facilities and take patients from Tele-Stroke sites, rural ERs, and nephrology/dialysis centers all over the Oklahoma City area.

The environment in our unit is friendly and patient-centered, and we work in close collaboration with the other members of the IR team, including radiology technicians, sonographers, radiology physician assistants, and body/neuro radiologists. Our group of specialist physicians sees our entire department as a team and interacts with us professionally and collegially. Nurses are both a respected and valued voice here.


If your career goal is to become a clinical expert in the field of interventional radiology, our IR department can help with this by providing you the opportunity to see and do procedures that most other hospitals do not perform.

Unit Dashboard


  • Neuro-radiology interventions (aneurysm repairs, stokes)
  • Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts (TIPS)
  • IVC filters and port placements
  • Chemo-embolization and Y-90 angiograms
  • Dialysis fistulagram and tunneled central lines
  • Biopsies and drain placements


  • 6 Fluoroscopy rooms
  • 3 Ultrasound rooms
  • 1 CT room
  • 1 MRI room
  • Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, CT and MRI Rooms
  • Aneurysm Repairs, Strokes, iVC filters and port placements, Chemo-embolization, Y-90 angiograms and biopsies
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